Nước Ép Lên Men Thanh Long Đỏ |Red Dragon Fruit Juice Fermented

Sử dụng: Mở ra sử dụng trực tiếp, không cần chế biến |Use: use immediately without cooking.

Bảo quản: Tốt nhất ở nhiệt độ 20-23 Độ C và có thể bảo quản ở nhiệt độ thường dưới 30 Độ C. Tránh tiếp xúc với anh nắng trực tiếp |Preservation: Best at temperatures 20-23 C Degree and can be stored at normal temperatures 30 C Degree. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight

Thành phần: Được làm từ trái Thanh Long Đỏ nguyên chất và đường |Ingredients: 100% Red Dragon Fruit and pure refined white sugar

Công dụng: Tốt cho hệ tiêu hoá, tim mạch, đẹp da, chống lại các gốc oxy hoá. Tăng khả năng miễn dịch. |Benefits: Helping in digestion, prevent cardiovascular disease, beauty skin, antioxidants, cancer prevention, lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes. Improve bones and teeth, improve immunity and prevent disease.

750 ML


You can consume with mostly all kind of foods. Green salad, barbecue, mash potato, Vietnamese spring rolls, beef steak, pizza, stir fried vegetables, seafood spaghetti, dried buffalo meat, beans burger, mushroom tacos, palak paneer and much more.

  • Pair a glass of our Fermented Dragon Fruit Juice with your favourite foods. You won't be disappointed.

  • Taste better, feel better and digest well


  • After opening the bottle, you can leave it outside for awhile like even a few days. Of course, the best is to keep it in the fridge but it is still fine to leave it outside.

  • Make sure that you cover the mouth bottle (cavity) and keep the bottle in an area that has cool temperature.

Thanks for reading our guidance. Let us know if any further questions or support. We are always with you - our customer - Queen & King of Phuc Ha Juice Co., Ltd